Manage Your Romantic Relationship At Work

Better that it be totally. Do not take the risk of telling your secret, even to one person. It could be repeated and your relationship would then be discovered: make sure that each of you does the same. A study has shown that a secret confided in the company is repeated, on average, to 2.7 people. Thus gossip and reflections will be avoided.

Also, be careful not to be distracted: focus on your work. Do not spend all your breaks together if it is not in your habits so as not to arouse suspicion.

Perception of love at work

Opinions are divided. 25% would have fallen in love, or even fell in love with it (7%).

The perception of love at work can vary according to the employees and certain conditions:

  • By gender  : More than half of men (55%) are in favor of having a relationship with a colleague. For 68% of women, it is important to distinguish professional and love life.
  • By age  : Young people between 18 and 29 are more open to mixing feelings and work (57%) than 40-49 years (62%).
  • According to the size of the company  : In companies with a workforce of less than 10, most employees (74%) do not want to live a love story there, while in companies with 250 to 999 employees , Only 44% are against.
  • However, even though 56% of respondents are against the idea, 13% (men and women) have already taken the plunge. 18% think it is necessary not to reveal the relationship.
  • The majority of romantic relationships were considered unimportant short (63%), but in 23% of cases they resulted in a marriage.

After the revelation

If the relationship becomes serious and lasting, it will be difficult to hide and not announce it (moving in, arriving and departing together for example).

Also, it’s best to tell your story before someone else does. It is better to warn the hierarchy first, at an appropriate time, then close colleagues. It is not necessary to display your privacy to the whole company, especially if it is a large group.

The important thing is to stay professional: no inappropriate or affectionate gestures, no household scenes, inappropriate conversations or emotional nicknames.

In his personal life

  • Avoid work as a topic of conversation for a change of scenery
  • Stay independent: have your own hobbies and friends, think about yourself. As long as you stay together at work, it’s important to remember to do activities without each other to avoid suffocation.

Risks and consequences of love at work

Employer’s Notice

If you announce your relationship, your employer can be understanding and even adapt the working conditions for the good of your couple (change of service for example). But it’s not always the case.

However, the employer cannot prevent two employees from falling in love, nor prohibit their relationship. According to the Civil Code, everyone’s privacy must be respected.